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I spent my professional career in New York working with top literary agents, Morton L. Janklow and Lynn Nesbit. As an associate to these agents, I became friends with Tom Wolfe and was honored by him being one of my first reviews. He called my artwork a ‘Tour de force.’ I was encouraged to continue my obsession with the visual world of photography and feathers.

I’ve learned so much from recycling molted feathers. In turn I have published my research to share my passion. Birds are terribly important to the survival of most species, both plant and animal. By bringing value to molted feathers. I believe I can show how to create a currency and capital for the protection of bird life. Eventually I hope it will change the way we deal with our co-species on planet Earth.

When I first exhibited my feather art in Mexico, under my ‘nom de plume’ El Grimez, hundreds attended the show.  I sold many of my works for several thousand dollars. That success has led the exhibit to expand to other venues. One of my favorite pieces called ‘Rishi’ is displayed at Tequila Grill, a fine dining establishment, in the popular tourist destination called La Bufadora. Now it is time to spread my wings and bring my passion to you, the feathers, combined with my photography, and protecting bird life. 

Artwork that is aesthetically pleasing within its colors and intricate patterns and a heartfelt cause of action, this is my unique gift to the world.

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